WorldAfghanistan: 'Don't be afraid, go back to work', Afghan citizen warns Taliban

Afghanistan: ‘Don’t be afraid, go back to work’, Afghan citizen warns Taliban

Own report: The Taliban have taken control of the capital Kabul. There is now an atmosphere of panic throughout Afghanistan. It is difficult to leave the country. The situation at Kabul airport is tense. In this situation, the Taliban sent a message of fear to the people of Kabul. The jihadists declared, ‘There is no reason to fear. Come on, get started. ‘

As soon as he came to power, US President Do Biden announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. He announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on September 11, the day of the attack on the World Trade Center. Within a month and a half of Biden’s announcement, the Taliban had taken over almost the whole of Afghanistan. There is a possibility that Sharia law will be enforced in the country again. There is a rush to leave the country. In this situation, the Taliban tried to intimidate the people to maintain normalcy. Their message to government officials was, “Those who used to work in government departments, come back. You should join the work without fear.”

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On Monday, the UN Security Council stated that Afghanistan would not be allowed to become a breeding ground for terrorism. “The whole world is watching Afghanistan,” said Antonio Guterres, the head of the UN Security Council.


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