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Afghanistan Crisis: US troops arrive in Islamabad from Kabul; Pakistan says ‘temporary settlement’

Own report: Is Pakistan going to be the new base of US army instead of Afghanistan?

The US military has left Afghanistan by August 31. But their entire army has not yet returned to the country. Part of the US military has started entering Pakistan from time to time. This time, various quarters are concerned about the fear of building a US military base on Pakistani soil. However, the Pakistani government has said that the settlement is temporary.

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US troops have returned to Pakistan from Kabul on Monday night. With which different quarters frowned. However, Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of the Imran Khan government said on Tuesday that the settlement was temporary. Rashid said there would be no US troops on Pakistani soil on a long-term basis. They have been given 21-30 days transit visa. In the meantime, they have to go back.

Pakistan’s opposition says NATO forces, based in Pakistan under Pervez Musharraf, set up bases in Afghanistan and launched an operation in Afghanistan. Is this going to happen again? However, the Pakistani government has assured that the Musharraf-era settlement will not return to Pakistan.

It is learned that 2,192 American troops have crossed the Torkham border and reached Pakistan. And 1,826 army planes landed in Islamabad.

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