WorldAfghanistan Crisis: The Taliban are facing 'extreme punishment' for finding Afghan pornstars

Afghanistan Crisis: The Taliban are facing ‘extreme punishment’ for finding Afghan pornstars

Own report: The formation of the government was in the air. Due to various complications, the Taliban have to cancel the plan for now. But before that, the plan to ‘kill’ sex workers in Afghanistan was heard!

It is rumored that the Taliban has already compiled a kill list, which outlines which women will be ‘murdered’. Who are they on this list? It is learned that they have planned to ‘kill’ the women involved in prostitution and blueprint. Not only that, it is being heard that the death penalty for sex workers may be announced after the formation of the government.

According to an international newspaper, the Taliban are also scrutinizing all porn sites. It is learned that Afghan women who have been involved in sexual activities with foreign men have been found to have been sexually enslaved or ordered to be killed.

In addition, work is underway to identify women involved in the prostitution business. It has also been informed that they will be hanged in public if found.

Although the top Taliban leaders have stated more than once in this episode, there is a difference between these Taliban and the Taliban of the past. The new Taliban government will respect Sharia law, give women the right to education and work. Although not in power for the past 20 years, the Taliban has a “history” of killing women in illicit or extramarital affairs.

Twenty years later, the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan. And in this climate, Afghan women are fearing the horrible days and nights again.

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