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Afghanistan Crisis: ‘My motherland is tired’; A heartbreaking song by an Afghan singer in a refugee camp

Own report: He is the soil of my country, the head after you – the minds of all the people of these countries. But when a person is prevented from cultivating the land in his homeland, does the pain that arises in his mind take any form?

Yes! It is possible only with the melody of the song. The look that was seen, or better said, felt in the pitiful tune of an Afghan singer. The tune is now widely heard on social media platforms.

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Homeland is in the hands of the Taliban. This land has been wounded and bloody for a long time. It is natural that the love for that motherland should be more intense. So Sharafat Parwani, an Afghan singer, grabbed the memories and sang songs and sang the praises of that country. The popular singer from Afghanistan has left his homeland due to Taliban oppression. Now you are in the US refugee camp. He is not alone, many more people from Afghanistan have found refuge in this camp. The pain of leaving the country is inside the chest of all of them. That collective suffering seemed to be embodied in the sad song of Sharafat Parwani sung with the friends of the refugee camp. Which is now viral on social media. That song is making many listeners sad.

As seen in the viral video, singer Sharafat is sitting on the stairs. With a few more. Sharafat sang his song there. That song in the nearby Bengali translation– ‘Janmabhoomi, you are tired of suffering; Homeland, you are without melody and music; Homeland, you are in pain; But you have no cure for that pain! ‘ Although he did not understand the language of the song, the deep pain and helplessness that came from the heart of the singer touched everyone.

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