IndiaAfghanistan Crisis: Granddaughter of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan spoke on the Afghan...

Afghanistan Crisis: Granddaughter of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan spoke on the Afghan crisis – Taliban not worthy of trust

Yasmin Nigar Khan, granddaughter of ‘frontier Gandhi’ Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and president of All India Pakhtoon Jigra-e-Hind, is very worried about the Afghan crisis. He said that the words of the Taliban cannot be trusted. Yasmin said on Tuesday that she has been receiving troubling messages (SOS) from Pashtuns living across India. In this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being requested to ensure the safety of their families living there after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan.

Yasmin Nigaar Khan (50), who has been living in central Kolkata for generations, is the president of the All India Pakhtoon Jirga-e-Hind, the apex community body in the country. Barely slept for the last two nights, Khan said that we are in constant touch with the Center and the West Bengal government, but the situation is constantly changing rapidly and very little information is coming out of Afghanistan. Phone lines are closed and pictures from Kabul are disturbing. Those who are living in India are worried. He said that about 1000 Pashtuns of the state and lakhs of people who have been living for generations in other parts of the country have no chance of returning to their native places, but almost all have relatives in Afghanistan or northwestern Pakistan.

‘No respect for women’s freedom in the eyes of Taliban’
Khan said that he used to talk to his relatives living in Afghanistan regularly till a few months back, but is unable to contact them now. Whatever little information they are getting is through people who are living in Pakistan. Relatives of many people were killed in Taliban attacks. There is no respect for freedom, dignity and freedom of women in the eyes of Taliban.

How are children and women in Afghanistan, demonstration against Taliban in Varanasi

‘Taliban wants to take women to medieval era’
He said that during the previous Taliban regime they kidnapped young widows to get their members married. They don’t want girls to study or go to school. What they call Islamic law is actually a mockery of religion. Do girls not study in madrasas? Even in Islamic countries, girls are encouraged to take modern education and work with men. The Taliban wants to transport women to the medieval era.


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