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Afghanistan Crisis: Biden tells Ghani to ‘keep secret’ news of Taliban rise! Leaked phone conversation

Own report: There are many opinions and doctrines about ‘free and independent’ Afghanistan all over the world. In this situation, the last phone conversation of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani with Biden came to light. And out of that came the sensational thing.

An international news agency has made this phone call public. They claim that Biden last called Gani on July 23. And that day they talked like Minitopenro. The US president gave some advice to Gani that day. The news agency claims that Biden told Ghani that even if the Afghan army loses to the Taliban in this war, it cannot be said to the Afghans. On the contrary, they must be convinced that the Afghan army is winning. At the same time, they need to understand that America is there to help them.

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It is learned that Gani asked the US President for some help in that phone call. And Biden promised to help. Not only that, Biden thought the US-trained Afghan army could stop the Taliban.

Although in reality it did not. The Taliban began to spread their influence on Afghan soil day by day. The U.S. military has set a deadline. The Taliban began occupying one province after another as US troops began to leave Afghanistan. And finally on 15 August they captured Kabul. And Gani fled the country.

After the fall of Afghanistan, Biden said, he never thought the Afghan army would lose so easily! He also surprised the world, and perhaps Gani, by saying that America would no longer fight for the Afghans.

But so far so good. Part of those who practice world politics think that America is changing its Afghan policy. But now that the Gani-Biden phone call has come to light, a new debate is brewing.

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