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Afghanistan Crisis: America removed its capture from three gates of Kabul airport, assigned the responsibility of security to Taliban

Afghanistan Crisis: Now only one part of America remains under control. Last week, 170 Afghan civilians were killed in a bomb blast at the airport’s eastern gate.

Kabul. America and coalition forces have handed over control of three gates of Kabul Airport to the Taliban. Now only one part remains under US control. An official has informed the local media about this on Sunday.

According to media reports, the official said that US troops have control over a small part of the airport. This area is the part where the airport radar system is located.

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Deployed a unit of special forces

The Taliban had deployed a special forces unit at the airport’s main gate about two weeks ago. They say that they are ready to take over the security and technical responsibility of the airport. The US handed over control of the Taliban airport gates to the Taliban, days after IS-K militants carried out a suicide attack on the eastern gate on August 26. It killed 170 Afghan and 13 American soldiers.

Dozens of planes took off from the airport

Earlier, the Taliban assured that a group of special forces, a team of technical professionals and qualified engineers are ready to take charge of the airport once the US forces leave. Dozens of aircraft, including military ones, took off from the airport late Saturday night. President Joe Biden has set August 31 as the deadline. All US and coalition forces will leave the country within this period.

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The Taliban have instructed residents of Kabul to hand over government vehicles, arms and ammunition to them. All people living in Kabul must ‘return vehicles, arms and ammunition or any other things’ to the government. An announcement has been made for this.


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