WorldAfghanista: 'Save us', in an open letter to Afghan journalists

Afghanista: ‘Save us’, in an open letter to Afghan journalists

Own report: The establishment of a Taliban government in Afghanistan is virtually a matter of time. In this situation, the Islamic State (IS) branch organization IS-Khorasan (IS-K) carried out suicide attacks at Kabul airport and the US military drone strikes and rocket attacks in retaliation. An atmosphere of fear throughout Afghanistan. That is why Afghan journalists have sought help from the United Nations and the international community. In their open letter, he expressed his desire to live.

It is learned that 150 Afghan journalists have signed the letter. They wrote, “We are terrified of the growing trauma on the media. Our families and property are being destroyed. Petition to the United Nations and the world to save us. Protect our families.” “Please help those who have worked for democracy in Afghanistan for the past two decades,” he said. Afghan journalists have also called for the world to unite to stop the Taliban’s atrocities against them.

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“The whole world should help us in this situation,” said Ahmed Naveed, an Afghan journalist. Journalist Rafiullah Nikzad said, “We are living in a turbulent environment at the moment. We do not even know what is waiting for us in the future. You listen to us.”

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On 15 August, Kabul was captured by the Taliban. The jihadists are currently preparing to form a government in Afghanistan. After seizing power, the Taliban began to traditionally persecute media workers, even as they spoke of independence. Tolo News reporters were beaten in Kabul and Jalalabad. The Taliban also raided the homes of journalists. The militants also killed a family member of a journalist for the German news agency Deutsche Welle (DW).


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