WorldAfghan women stage 'silent protest' for their education rights

Afghan women stage ‘silent protest’ for their education rights

About 15 women gathered at the entrance of the shopping center opposite the Ministry of Education in the capital city of Kabul and held a silent protest with placards in their hands.

In a statement made by the Ministry of Education on Friday, it was protested that only male students were allowed to receive education in schools and that the education of female students was not mentioned.

The protesters wore a white headscarf and black dress, referring to the uniforms worn by female students in schools.

On the banners, there were expressions such as “Don’t take my lessons and my homework”, “Do not take away from women the right to education recognized by religion”, “To close the door of education to girls is to imprison them in a dark ignorance”, “Seek knowledge is obligatory for both men and women”, “Women should go to school”.


Farah Mustafavi, the organizer of the protest, noted that they gathered for education and employment rights and said, “According to the new education regulation, girls will be able to receive education up to the 6th grade but will not be able to go beyond. In addition, the places where women can work have been closed. Getting an education is a religious and civil right of women. Neither Islam nor Allah took the right from us.” said.

One of the protesters, Shekiba Temkin, stated that with the Taliban administration, the education of girls and boys was separated across the country, saying, “The Taliban prevent women’s education. Today we gathered in front of the Ministry of Education to raise our voices. If getting education is a requirement for boys and girls, why are girls not allowed to go to schools?” used the phrases.


Simagul Cemali said:

“Previous university exams prove that women can achieve higher degrees. Women’s right to go to university or schools cannot be denied in any way.”

Addressing the international community, Jamali said, “We want the international community to follow up on this issue. They should not allow the rights of Afghan women to be violated.” he said.

Another protester, Sadiye Kadiri, stated that the women of Afghanistan were not the women of 20 years ago and said, “Why were the doors of the schools closed to the faces of the girls? It is obligatory for women and men to receive education.” said.

After about 20 minutes of protest, the demonstrators dispersed after the warning of the Taliban forces.

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