WorldAfghan ulema worried about Daesh attacks on Shiites

Afghan ulema worried about Daesh attacks on Shiites

Afghanistan Mevlevi Bahruddin Cüzcani, a member of the Council of Religious Scholars, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the terrorist organization DaeshHe said that the aim of ‘s aim is to start a sectarian war in Afghanistan.

Stating that DAESH’s increased attacks on Shiites are of interest to the people of Afghanistan in general, Juzcani said, “These attacks of DEASH concern religious scholars in particular.” said.

Juzcani noted that if such attacks increase, the Shiite forces Fatmiyyun Brigade have the opportunity to launch an action in Afghanistan and that such a situation may cause the sectarian war to flare up. Juzjani said, “The increase of ISIS attacks after the Taliban is a new plan of some countries that failed in Afghanistan in the military field.” used the phrase.

Stating that the countries in question are seeking revenge again, Cuzcani said he is now using DAESH with such attacks. sectarian war He emphasized that he wanted to remove it.

“Western countries and the USA are behind Daesh”

Behind the Daesh issue in Afghanistan, “foreign intelligence, especially Western countries and USAMevlevi Juzcani said, “The USA is trying to put pressure on the Taliban for its own interests through DAESH. Even though DAESH does not have a fixed land in Afghanistan, there is great propaganda for DAESH,” he said.

Stating that another aim of the countries that support DAESH is to threaten the Central Asian countries, especially the neighbors of Afghanistan, which is in a strategic position, Cuzcani stated that DEASH is now a reality in Afghanistan and said, “Some countries are trying to strengthen DAESH in Afghanistan. He wants to intervene in this country again.” said.

“They want to disrupt the inter-sectarian unity in the country by using DAESH”

Mevlevi Mufti Nimetullah, a religious scholar in the capital Kabul and a member of the Afghan Religious Scholars Council, said, “The enemies of the people of Afghanistan want to break the intersectarian unity in the country by using DAESH.” used the phrase.

Stating that the attack against Shiites is not acceptable, Nimetullah said, “Shiites are Muslims, they are our brothers. We consider the attack against them as our own. We will never allow those who want to disrupt our brotherhood.” he said.

Mufti Nimetullah evaluated that some countries are trying to put their own plans into action by exaggerating the DAESH issue in Afghanistan.

Nimetullah stressed that the Taliban must also put up a serious fight against DAESH in order to gain legitimacy and preserve unity in the country.

Daesh’s attacks

The terrorist organization DAESH has increased its attacks as the Taliban dominate Afghanistan.

Targeting the Taliban forces, DAESH carried out its bloodiest actions against the Shiites in the country.

Suicide attacks were carried out on 2 mosques belonging to Shiites in the last 2 weeks.

It was announced that 46 people lost their lives and 143 people were injured in the bomb attack on the Shiite mosque in the Sayed Abad region of Kunduz province in the north of Afghanistan on October 8, during the Friday prayers and which was claimed by DAESH.

While the traces of this attack have not been erased yet, a suicide attack was carried out on a Shiite mosque in Kandahar province in the south of the country on October 15.

In this attack, which was claimed by DAESH, nearly 50 people lost their lives and nearly 100 were injured.

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