WorldAfghan President: Taliban Responsible for Continued Violence

Afghan President: Taliban Responsible for Continued Violence

AA / Kabul

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani blamed the Taliban on Saturday for the violence in the country, with a daily death toll of at least 200.

Ghani said during a speech to a rally in the eastern province of Khost, that the Taliban “are responsible for continuing the war, and you must be wondering who are they fighting for? Who would benefit from the destruction of the war? ‘Afghanistan and the death of the citizens?’.

And to add: “We want peace with everyone. If between 200 and 600 Afghans are killed every day, who would it benefit?”, According to the remarks reported by the Afghan news channel ToloNews.

The Afghan president stressed that the government “has made a lot of efforts to advance the peace process, but the Taliban still continued the violence.”

So far, the Taliban have still not commented on Ghani’s comments.

Clashes intensify between Afghan law enforcement and the Taliban movement, as the United States withdraws its forces from the country, with the total withdrawal due to end on September 11, according to US President Joe Biden.

It should be noted that with Qatari mediation, historic peace negotiations were conducted in Doha on September 12, 2020, between the Afghan government and the Taliban movement, with the support of the United States, in order to put an end to 42 years of armed conflict.

Before this event, Qatar had also assumed its role of mediator in the negotiations held between Washington and the Taliban, which ended with the signing of a historic agreement at the end of February 2020, stipulating a gradual withdrawal of the United States. from Afghanistan, as well as an exchange of prisoners.

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bennour.

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