WorldAfghan President: Country Needs Unity Like Never Before

Afghan President: Country Needs Unity Like Never Before

Afghanistan today needs unity more than ever. This was stated by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during his speech in parliament.

According to him, the Taliban movement is not showing the will to achieve peace and negotiate, while the Afghan government made huge concessions and took important steps in this direction.

Ghani noted that the priority for the government is to ensure peace in the country, while the Taliban and their allies are not sincere in their words and deeds.

The Afghan leader noted that today the country is faced with an unprecedented threat of terrorism. According to him, only strong unity will help counter these threats and change the military situation.

“Now is not the time to throw mud at each other. On the contrary, today we need unity more than ever, ”he said.

Ghani stressed that the Afghan authorities do not intend to bow their heads to anyone.

“The Taliban will either sit down at the negotiating table or we will bring them to their knees in the battlefield. We made our choice. Now the Taliban have to make their own, ”Ghani said.

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