WorldAfghan people showed great interest in the reopened exchange offices in Kabul.

Afghan people showed great interest in the reopened exchange offices in Kabul.

AA correspondent viewed the density in the Şehzade Bazaar, where exchange offices are located.

Due to the uncertainty in the process of the Taliban’s control of the capital Kabul, the exchange offices in the bazaar were closed for about 3 weeks.

It was observed that Afghans showed great interest in the exchange offices opened yesterday.

Speaking to AA correspondent, the owners of the exchange office stated that there are approximately 400 offices in Şehzade Çarşısı, and that they have representatives in 120 countries.

It was stated that money transfers can be made to many parts of the world within 1 minute through representative offices.

Many office owners avoided giving video interviews due to the political environment in the country.


Some exchange office owners stated that the Taliban ensured the security of the country and the economic situation improved, while some tradesmen evaluated that the economic situation was bad and the current crisis would deepen soon.

Emincan Hosti, the head of the former Prince’s Palace Exchange Offices and owner of the exchange office, said that the bazaar has a history of 70 years and that it is one of the centers that determine the economy of Kabul and the whole country.

Stating that the security problem in the province was solved to a large extent with the Taliban’s control of Kabul, Hosti drew attention to the increase in economic activity there.


Hosti stated that the public did not deposit money in banks due to trust problems, but instead deposited money in exchange offices.

Stating that the economic situation is relatively good, Hosti said, “Many people live in poverty. The economy is in a moderate state. We do not have any security problems at the moment. The biggest problem was that the Şehzade Bazaar and Kabul were closed. Now, the problems with the opening of the bazaar. disappeared.” said.

Feridun Rushmend, who carries out mobile foreign exchange transactions and does not want to give an image, said that he is pessimistic about the future of his country.


Explaining that he is a mechanical engineer and has a master’s degree, 37-year-old Rushmend pointed out that trained staff have fled the country.

“Afghanistan has lost all its gains in the last 20 years. All the workers have fled. The capital is also fleeing. It is getting worse day by day. More people will be out of work in the near future due to the course of the economy,” Rushmend said. used the phrase.

The banks, which were closed for about two weeks after the Taliban took control of Kabul, were opened a few days ago. Afghans who wanted to withdraw money formed long queues in front of banks. New Kabul Bank officials told the AA correspondent that the problem would be completely resolved soon.

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