WorldAfghan people 'hearts like fire' after the day Kabul airport was bombed...

Afghan people ‘hearts like fire’ after the day Kabul airport was bombed by ISIS

Dozens of people in Afghanistan have been killed, including American troops, and the number of casualties is still growing. One resident said he had lost a loved one in the bombing. “In our hearts like a fire, how long will we have to endure this loss of life and trampling? This is really a huge loss for all of us.”
Inside the hospital, injured victims filled the beds. According to a video posted online, hundreds of people gathered at the airport just hours before the bombing. Thousands of people were trying to get inside the airport and board evacuation flights when the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15.

Taliban forces block the roads around Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul (Afghanistan), August 27

Then there was an explosion and gunfire. “The situation is bad. There was no one to pick up the wounded and the dead bodies were floating in the water and most of them were killed because foreigners blocked the way for an hour. Some injured people died because the road was blocked,” a resident who witnessed the incident said.
US forces and allies are racing to complete the evacuation of vulnerable Afghans and citizens. Under President Joe Biden’s plan, foreign forces will withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. However, most of the allied nations involved in transporting Afghans and their citizens out of Kabul said they had now ended evacuation efforts.


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