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Afghan minister working as delivery boy in Germany narrated his ordeal, told Ashraf Ghani government corrupt

In 2018, Syed Ahmed Shah Saadat was inducted as a cabinet minister in the government of President (now-in-exile) Ashraf Ghani.

Leipzig. The former minister of Afghanistan is now working as a delivery boy in Germany. According to reports in the past, former Information and Communications Minister of Afghanistan, Sayed Ahmed Shah Sadat, was spotted by a local journalist in Leipzig city of Germany, when he was going on his bicycle to deliver food to someone’s house.

In 2018 Saadat joined the government of President (now-in-exile) Ashraf Ghani as a cabinet minister. Saadat resigned from his post after serving two years and arrived in Germany last December.

no shame in the job

Sadat told that he left his post due to corruption. Now in Germany, Sadat has to work six hours a day. He delivers on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 10 pm. He says that there is no shame in doing a job. He said, work is work, someone has to do it.

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Trying to drive out 4 thousand Afghans

Sadat is one of thousands of Afghans who have found a home in Germany over the years. Since 2015, when Europe saw a massive influx of people fleeing the war, mostly from Syria and Iraq, some 210,000 Afghans have sought refuge in Germany. Today the Afghani are the second largest group in this country after Syria. At the same time, since the arrival of Taliban in Afghanistan, efforts are being made to drive out 4 thousand Afghans from here.

Saadat’s visit to Germany faced many difficulties. He was the Minister of Communications in Afghanistan from 2016 to 2018. But Sadat, 50, said he quit because he was fed up with corruption in the government. “While working as a minister, he had differences between people close to the President and himself.

“Their demands were for personal gain, I wanted the money to be properly applied for government projects. So I could not fulfill their demands and then they kicked me out. I was pressurized by the President. Was.”

Consultancy job in telecom sector

After this he took up a consultancy job in the telecommunications sector in Afghanistan. But by 2020 the security situation had worsened. So he decided to leave the country. As a dual Afghan-British citizen, he decided to move to Germany in late 2020 before Brexit, making it impossible for Britain to obtain residency in the EU without conditions such as an offer of employment.

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German learning plans were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But now he is doing delivery work for the food delivery company Liferendo. For this he is taking language classes for four hours a day. The job pays him 15 euros an hour. He says that 420 euros a month is enough for his living expenses including rent. Sadat said he did not regret his decision to move to Germany.


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