IndiaAfghan military plane crashes in Uzbekistan

Afghan military plane crashes in Uzbekistan


  • Afghan military plane crashes
  • Accident in Uzbekistan
  • Two officers were reported injured

Tashkent: An Afghan military plane has reportedly crashed in Uzbekistan. The AFP news agency quoted the defense ministry as saying. No further details have been released about the crash.

Earlier, a news website in Uzbekistan reported that an Afghan military plane had crashed. Reports are now coming out confirming this. According to Uzbek media, two Afghan military personnel were on board the plane and the injured were taken to hospital.

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Meanwhile, with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, people are flocking to the airport to flee the country. Earlier, footage of people entering the airport without any restraint was released.

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Five people were killed in a stampede at the airport, Reuters news agency reported. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

The Taliban hoisted the flag at the Kabul palace


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