WorldAfghan Jet Crash: Afghan Air Force plane crashes in Uzbekistan

Afghan Jet Crash: Afghan Air Force plane crashes in Uzbekistan

Own report: An Afghan Air Force plane has crashed in Uzbekistan. The pilot is said to be safe.

An Afghan Air Force plane has reportedly crashed near the Uzbek border while escorting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s bodyguards.

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Incidentally, after fleeing Afghanistan, Ghani decided to go to Tajikistan, but in the end he was reportedly in Oman.

A spokesman for Uzbekistan’s defense ministry says an Afghan military jet has crashed in the southern province of Surxondaryo. A search is underway at the scene. According to sources, the plane crashed but no one was killed. Although several security guards were injured. They have been admitted to the hospital.

On Sunday, 64 Afghan soldiers crossed the border into Uzbekistan and were detained, according to Uzbekistan.

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