IndiaAfghan government resigns; Possibility of an interim government, the Taliban taking...

Afghan government resigns; Possibility of an interim government, the Taliban taking control of Kabul


  • Afghan government to resign
  • An interim government will come to power in Afghanistan.
  • The Taliban entered Kabul.

Kabul: The Afghan government will resign after the Taliban entered the capital, Kabul. Foreign media reported that President Ashraf Ghani would step down soon. The Associated Press reports that the Taliban and the Afghan government have entered into talks. Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is set to become the new president.

Taliban enters Kabul; All the major cities were captured and the army retreated
The talks began with the Taliban saying they wanted to avoid a confrontation. The Taliban has said it does not want clashes in Kabul. In this situation, the Ashraf Ghani government has decided to resign and hand over power to the interim government. The government has said it is ready to resign.

The Taliban entered Kabul and fled to various places, but no clashes were reported. A group of leaders has arrived at the palace to discuss the transfer of power with the president. Taliban leaders who had traveled to Qatar to discuss the Afghan issue have reportedly returned to Kabul. Even if an interim government takes office, it will remain under the control of the Taliban.

malayalam samayamTaliban in Jalalabad city; Kabul will fall at any moment, the government on the defensive
The Afghan army is completely empty. A security official told Reuters that there was no other way but to retreat to save people’s lives. The Taliban said in a statement that it had instructed its accomplices not to enter Kabul. But there have been reports of shootings in various parts of Kabul. With the entire country under Taliban control, Kabul airport is the only way out of the country. After 25 years, control and power in Afghanistan is completely in the hands of the Taliban.

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