WorldAFAD volunteers are working hard in Bozkurt, where the flood disaster took...

AFAD volunteers are working hard in Bozkurt, where the flood disaster took place.

AFAD volunteers, who came to Bozkurt district after the disaster experienced as a result of the flooding of the Ezine Stream on August 11, assist in the removal of soil, sand, tree and rock fragments dragged into the district center and search and rescue activities.

Teams working with law enforcement are making great efforts to remove the excavation that has accumulated on the streets and filled the workplaces.

Volunteers from all over Turkey, regardless of men and women, come to the district to support the transportation of water and supplies, setting up tents, opening the roads, and electrical and plumbing works.

AFAD volunteer Şükran Eğri, who came from Bolu, told AA correspondent that they took action as soon as they heard about the flood and reached the region on the same day.

Eğri said that as AFAD volunteers, they try to do everything from carrying water to moving goods and cleaning the shop. We are trying to heal the wounds of the Bozkurt people as much as we can.” said.

Stating that they are with the citizens in these difficult days, Eğri said, “Today is the day of unity and solidarity, if we are united, we will overcome everything. As AFAD volunteers, we support the works without discrimination, we share the pain of the citizens.” made a statement.

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