World"Advocacy Symposium in World Legal Systems" started in Istanbul

“Advocacy Symposium in World Legal Systems” started in Istanbul

Istanbul University Prof. Dr. The opening speech of the symposium held at the Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall was made by Istanbul University Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak did it.

Talking about the development of the legal profession from past to present in his speech, Ak said that the desire to live in peace reveals diplomatism, and the need for defense reveals the profession of lawyer.

prof. Dr. While mentioning the birth of the legal profession in Rome and Islamic Law, Ak said that during the Ottoman Empire, lawyers did their job.

prof. Dr. Speaking after Mahmut Ak, Istanbul No. 2 Bar Association President Yasin Şamlı said that the pandemic process showed that humanity is one big and single family.

“The common goal of the claim, defense and the judiciary is to provide justice”

Noting that as lawyers of today, they have more responsibilities than the lawyers of yesterday, Şamlı said, “It will be beneficial for all people to keep in touch with lawyers from different countries. The common goal of the claim, defense and the judiciary is to provide justice. Throughout history, states have not given the importance they attached to the prosecution and the judiciary to defense.” said.

Şamlı continued his speech by criticizing the 21-year prison sentence given by the Norwegian justice system to Anders Behring Breivik, the perpetrator of the terrorist attacks that killed 77 people in 2011.

Pointing out that Breivik will leave prison and return to society at the age of 53, Şamlı said, “Norway has abolished the life sentence in the past years. Has the criminal justice given to this perpetrator now ensured justice? Human is the most important element to achieve the ideal of justice. How is the legal profession viewed in the world with this symposium? issues such as will be discussed. We will obtain information from very valuable names. Our programs will continue to increase.” he said.

After the speeches, the chair of the session was lawyer Nurcan Yanardag, Prof. from Italy. Dr. Salvatore Ando and Prof. Dr. Pola Todini, Dr. from France. The session on “Advocacy in Continental European Law”, consisting of Khaled Al Shouly, Irina Sergeeva from Russia and Salih Murat from Macedonia, started.

Speakers Prof. Noting that people are not able to use their rights effectively due to the coronavirus epidemic, Dr Salvatore Ando said, “Lawyers undertake a difficult task in this context. Many governments, including Europe, are currently trying to digitize the justice system. However, not all states are successful in applying these internet skills. Some are very “It is very important to develop these and balance the viability of existing rights.” he said.

The symposium, which will continue in the afternoon with a session on “Advocacy in USA and Anglo Saxon Law”, will continue with presentations and speakers by lawyers from different countries tomorrow.

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