IndiaAdvocacy of developing countries, rebuke to developed countries... Global leader avatar of...

Advocacy of developing countries, rebuke to developed countries… Global leader avatar of PM Modi visible in COP26


  • UN COP-26 Heads of State and Government Conference in Glasgow
  • PM Modi narrated to the developed countries, said – take responsibility
  • India is the only country which is working as per the Paris Agreement: Modi
  • Developed countries fulfill one trillion dollar promise for climate financing

New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly advocated for developing countries at the United Nations International Climate Summit ‘COP26’. In front of the leaders of the world, PM Modi said that India understands the suffering of developing countries. Modi reminded developed countries of their responsibilities and said that they should fulfill their promise. The way Modi made announcements on the global stage talking about collective accountability, it seems that he is coming in the role of a global leader.

Understand the pain of developing countries: Modi
At COP26, PM Modi said that India is moving ahead on the topic of climate with courage and ambition and understands the suffering of other developing countries. “India understands and shares the sufferings of other developing countries and has been consistently vocal about their hopes,” he said. For many developing countries, climate change is a big problem before them. This threatens the very existence of many of them. Today we need to take big steps to save the world. This is the need of the hour.

Modi gave advice to developed countries
The Prime Minister reminded developed countries of the promise made in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. He said that developed countries should fulfill their promise of providing one thousand billion dollars for climate financing. He said that it should be monitored in the same way as climate mitigation is done.

Modi said, India expects developed countries to provide one thousand billion dollars for climate financing at the earliest. As we monitor climate mitigation, we should monitor climate financing in the same way. Truly justice will come only when pressure is put on countries that are not fulfilling their climate financing promises.

PM Modi’s ‘swag’ in G20, such a meeting with veteran leaders

PM made his intentions clear
PM Modi made his government’s intentions clear regarding climate change. He said that India will achieve the target of Net Zero in the year 2070. He said, “The whole world recognizes that India is the only major economy in the world that is complying with its Paris commitment ‘in letter and spirit’. We are trying our best in every possible way. We are working hard and will show results.


PM Modi on the stage of COP26.