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Additional $1 billion in military aid to Israel bill passed by US House of Representatives

The $1 billion military aid fund to be allocated for the replacement of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, which caused controversy in the interim budget talks on Tuesday and was removed from the budget bill, was submitted to the House of Representatives vote as a separate bill by Maryland Representative Democrat Steny Hoyer.

The bill was passed with 409 votes to 9, with 2 representatives abstaining.

While 8 Democrats voted “no” to the bill, only one representative among the Republicans voted “no”.

New York Representative Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is known for her left-leaning tendencies among the Democrats and declared that she would say “no” to the aid to Israel bill from the beginning, participated in the voting but did not vote. Some representatives tried to calm him as Cortez cried because he couldn’t vote “no”.

This vote, defined as “present” in the US House of Representatives, is customarily synonymous with a “abstention” vote.

It is expected that the bill will come to the agenda of the Senate in the coming days and be accepted in the voting there.

Bill provides assistance to Israel specifically for Iron Dome ammunition

In the press release regarding the bill, it is stated that Israel will provide financing for the procurement of anti-missile ammunition, which was used especially during the violent clashes with Hamas in May.

“The bill is consistent with the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Israel and commits the United States to continue to defend itself against attacks and to provide additional assistance to renovate the Iron Dome after Israel’s periods of war,” the statement said. statement was given.

Last year, the United States provided Israel with $1.6 billion in aid to renovate the Iron Dome system.

After the conflicts between Israel and Hamas, Israel again requested assistance from the United States for the supply of some parts, especially the Iron Dome ammunition. The House of Representatives added the aid bill passed by the relevant committees to the federal government’s interim budget bill, but was removed from the bill on Tuesday after some Democrats objected. In response, members of the Appropriations Committee promised to add Israeli aid to another law.

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