WorldAbout 600 people were detained in a Moscow mosque

About 600 people were detained in a Moscow mosque

Law enforcement agencies detained 600 people in a mosque in Kotelniki to check their documents. TASS was informed about this by lawyer Lidiya Anosova, who provides legal assistance to the detainees.

“According to my information, about 600 people were detained. They were detained in a mosque in Kotelniki, and now they were taken in paddy wagons to the Lyubertskoye police station. Their documents are checked until they incriminate anything,” she said.

Anosova stressed that the detainees are treated correctly, respecting their rights. The lawyers were allowed to transfer water to their clients.

The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region reported that they were checking information about the arrests.

Later, another lawyer, Maria Krasova, who was at the police station, said that the police had not yet drawn up a single report on the offenses against the detainees.

“Not a single protocol has been drawn up, they are forced to take DNA tests and release them,” she said, answering the question that the detainees are being charged.

According to her, the detentions in the mosque began at about one in the afternoon. Then there were about 600 people in it, whether there are people in the building now, the lawyer does not know.

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