WorldAbout 150 people kidnapped by Taliban from Kabul Airport, many Indians, all...

About 150 people kidnapped by Taliban from Kabul Airport, many Indians, all safe

About 150 people were kidnapped by the Taliban from near Kabul Airport, many Indians are also being told, there are reports of people being assaulted, while the Taliban has denied the news.

New Delhi. After the occupation of Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating continuously. Many Indians are currently stuck in Kabul. Meanwhile, another big news has come out. In fact, 150 people going towards the airport in Kabul have been kidnapped by Taliban terrorists.

It is being told that many Indians are also involved in this. Local media have confirmed the incident. He said that most of the abducted people are Indians, but they also include Afghan nationals and Sikhs living in Afghanistan. There are also reports of Indians being beaten up. The Taliban has denied this news.

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Indians are safe

Now reports are also coming out that all 150 people, including the abducted Indians, are safe from near the airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. According to Afghan media, the Taliban are checking the passports of these people. The Taliban hijackers told them that all the people would be taken back to Kabul airport. Now all these people are present in a garage near Kabul Airport.

This incident has not been confirmed by the government yet. Meanwhile, the Taliban has denied the news of the abduction of Indians in a conversation with the Afghan media.

People enter through the Northern Gate of Kabul. This is where many Talibani reached here and started beating people. It is being told that these people were also talking in Punjabi, so ISI is suspected to be behind this incident. At the same time, after this incident, many Indians standing outside have immediately returned to the gurudwara.

According to media reports, these Taliban were sitting in 8 mini vans and at that time it was 1 o’clock in the morning. These people were trying to enter the Kabul airport, but they could not enter.

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According to media reports, the Taliban told the Indians that they would take them from another gate but where they are now is not known. It is being told that a team of Indian officials is still present outside Kabul Airport to evacuate Indian citizens safely. These officers are helping the stranded Indians.

The Taliban has denied this news. Taliban spokesman Ahmadullah Wasiq said the news was completely baseless and baseless. Ahmadullah Wasiq told that the Taliban does not do such a thing.