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Abdul Qadir Khan: The ‘Hero’ of Pakistan born in Bhopal who hated India and Hindus immensely

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Abdul Qadir Khan, considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, died on Sunday. The world’s notorious nuclear smuggler Khan was a hero in Pakistan. The reason is that it was because of him that Pakistan became the only Muslim country in the world which has nuclear power. When the world was trying to move towards nuclear disarmament, this notorious nuclear smuggler not only made Pakistan a nuclear power by stealing technology from Europe but also sold technology to North Korea, Libya and Iran. Born in Bhopal, India, this hero of Pakistan was also known for his immense hatred for India and Hindus.

Pakistan’s crushing defeat in 1971 turned the scientist into a nuclear smuggler!
It was Abdul Qadir Khan’s immense hatred for India that propelled him towards nuclear smuggling. Pakistan’s humiliating defeat at the hands of India in the 1971 war and its split in two stoked the flames of their hatred so much that they spied and stole nuclear technology in the Netherlands. He was associated with the top secret project of Dutch, British and German nuclear scientists in the Netherlands in 1972 as a translator. He went on to work for the Anglo-Dutch-German nuclear engineering consortium Urenco. His job was to translate technical documents from German to Dutch.

Tell India we have nuclear bombs… when there was a cry ‘Hero of Pakistan’ Abdul Qadir Khan
Stolen nuclear technology while working for Urenco in the Netherlands
Khan worked here till 1975 and it was here that he stole technical documents and nuclear technology, with the help of which he later made an atomic bomb for Pakistan. The same atomic bomb, thanks to which he blackmails the world today. Khan was also convicted of nuclear espionage by a Dutch court in 1983. In February 2004, he himself confessed to selling nuclear technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea, after which he was also placed under house arrest in Islamabad and interrogated.

Religious bigotry inherited from father, hatred of India and Hindus
Abdul Qadir Khan’s immense hatred for India, Indians and Hindus is attributed to religious fanaticism and his bitter memories of the partition of India and Pakistan. He got it from a religious fanatic family. Abdul Qadir Khan was born in Bhopal in 1936. His father Gafoor Khan was a school teacher and AQ Khan was the youngest of their 7 children. Even before his birth, his father Gafoor Khan had retired. Ghafoor Khan, who was a school teacher, became immersed in religious fanaticism and joined the Muslim League to fight for a separate country for the Muslims. Abdul Qadir Khan also got this legacy of religious fanaticism from his father and from childhood, hatred for Hindus started growing in his mind.

navbharat timesThe father of Pakistani atomic bomb Abdul Qadir Khan passed away, Imran Khan did not even go to see
The riots at the time of partition fueled hatred towards Hindus.
In the 2007 book ‘The Nuclear Jihadist’ by Douglas Frantz and Katherine Collins, it has been told that Abdul Qadir Khan inherited the desire for a separate country for Muslims and his hatred of India from his father. This hatred of Hindustan later turned into hatred of Hindus, behind which the riots at the time of Partition are believed to be responsible. The book claims, “Khan was 11 years old at the time of Partition in 1947 and the bitter memories of the riots that took place at that time were etched in his heart.” At that time lakhs of Muslims from India went to Pakistan in the midst of fierce riots and from there lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs came to India. Trains coming from Pakistan were full of bodies of Hindus and Sikhs who were killed in the riots. The same was the case with trains going from India to Pakistan which were full of dead bodies of Muslims.

Hindus are deceitful and wicked…they dream of destroying Pakistan and a united India.

Abdul Qadir Khan, Nuclear Scientist of Pakistan

The train journey that kept Khan burning in the fire of hatred
The book states that after 4 years of partition, Abdul Qadir’s father Ghafoor Khan decided to send him to Pakistan as he did not see any ‘future’ for his son here. That train journey of 1952 greatly increased the hatred towards Hindus in the heart of Abdul Qadir Khan. In ‘The Nuclear Jihadist’, Khan is quoted as saying, “I was alone… luckily some other Muslim families were also traveling with us.” The behavior of the Indian Police and Railway officials towards these Muslim families was very disrespectful and hostile. His behavior will always be fresh in my memories. They snatched everything valuable from these poor people. The book claims that a policeman also snatched a pen from Abdul Qadir Khan, which he had once received as a reward. The book narrates that Khan once told a friend, ‘Hindus are deceitful and wicked…they dream of destroying Pakistan and a united India.’ In 2018, Khan boasted that Pakistan armed with nuclear power can target New Delhi in 5 minutes.

The journalist who revealed nuclear espionage was abused
Abdul Qadir Khan had abused journalist Shyam Bhatia, who had exposed his black deeds of nuclear smuggling, as ‘Hindu Bast..d’. In fact, Indian-origin British journalist Shyam Bhatia and his partner Colin Smith wrote an article in the British newspaper ‘Observer’ in December 1979 in which Khan’s black deeds were exposed. Angered by this, Khan wrote a letter to the editor of the Observer saying good and bad things about Bhatia. In a letter to the editor, he had abused Bhatia and called him ‘Hindu Bast..d’.

Khan used to call Ahmadiyya minorities traitors in Pakistan
Abdul Qadir Khan didn’t just hate Hindus. In a TV program in 2012, he alleged that Ahmadiyya Muslims were not loyal to Pakistan. The world’s most notorious nuclear smuggler also entered politics in 2012. He formed a party named Tehreek-e-Tahfuz Pakistan (Save Pakistan Movement). In the 2013 national elections in Pakistan, Khan’s party fielded candidates on 111 seats but lost all. After this Khan dissolved the party. This hero of Pakistan was feeling very helpless in his last time. After getting infected with Corona in August this year, Khan had expressed his pain that neither Imran Khan nor any other big leader should come to know his condition.


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