IndiaAbdul Hakeem Azhari says he will support the introduction of a law...

Abdul Hakeem Azhari says he will support the introduction of a law to prevent non-Muslims from marrying


  • Bring in the law and support
  • Among those who go to other religions are Muslim girls
  • Controversies come according to God’s will

Kochi: SYS general secretary AP Abdul Hakeem Azhari has said that the allegations of love jihad and narcotics jihad are baseless. He said provocative reactions would undermine communal harmony. Among those who fall in love and go to other religions are Muslim girls. Azhari said he would support a law prohibiting people from marrying people of other religions.

The most important thing raised was Love Jihad. They fall in love and take their girls to another religion. This is a big issue. It mainly affects Muslims. Azhari also said that girls should be kept chaste, Media One reported.

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It is in the Muslim religion that the decision not to marry other religions is made. It will be welcomed first when it comes to the law that one should not marry outside the religion and should not marry without the permission of the parents. It will benefit everyone, ”Azhari said.

Such controversies come according to God’s will. It is in the midst of such controversy that the world will understand the Islamic position on drugs and alcohol. He said Muslims had never tried to convert to Islam.

As the world learns about Islam’s position on drugs, more and more people will convert to the religion. The year the Babri Masjid was demolished was the year most people converted to Islam. He also claimed that most people converted to Islam in Denmark the year the cartoon was drawn insulting the Prophet. Azhari said the current controversy could lead to more people converting to Islam.

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At the same time, the Kerala Muslim Jamaat Secretariat, headed by Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar, had made it clear that at a time when religions should be friendly, they should not try to stir up the atmosphere by raising unnecessary controversies without any evidence.

The statement of the Bishop of Pala is inappropriate. It could have been avoided. The Jamaat opined that religious communities and communities should be able to be more responsible at a time when even the tongue-in-cheek is being used for communal polarization.

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