WorldAA's "18th War Journalism Training Session" to Begin August 9

AA’s “18th War Journalism Training Session” to Begin August 9

AA / Ankara

Since 2012, under the coordination of the Academy of Journalism of the Anadolu Agency, 327 media outlets, including 118 foreigners, have received training from academics, professionals from the security forces and experienced journalists.

24 Azerbaijani media outlets will participate in the 18th War Journalism Training Program to be held August 9-20 in Ankara.

The training of war correspondents, supported by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) with its educational staff, has the distinction of being the only one in the field in Turkey.

The training, which will last 12 days, will include 108 hours of lessons including 62 practices from journalism to personal safety, from the law of war to first aid, advanced driving techniques to survival in water, chemical and biological attacks. , media management in emergency situations.

– The courses given during the 18th training session in war journalism

War correspondence, map routing and reading, flight operations, naval operations, first aid practices, CBRN incidents, war theory and terminology, social events, asylum seekers and refugee camps, information technology and security in times of emergency, close defense, law of war, geopolitics of the Middle East, survival in the water, persuasion strategies and perception of vehicle safety and advanced driving techniques, simulation of kidnappings and takeovers hostages, personal safety, ambushes and methods of protection against ambushes, natural disasters, explosives and hazardous areas as a hot topic, terror and terrorism, risk analysis and general duty procedure, principles of media management and dissemination in emergencies, night camp, new generation terrorist organizations and FETO are the lessons that will be taught during the program.

Lessons are prepared on how to deal with the challenges and threats journalists working in areas of crisis, disaster and war may face. This training program also contains information of great importance for journalists who travel to risk areas.

The training program, in which the internationally recognized “War Correspondence Certificate” is awarded to successful trainees, can be conducted in English, Russian and Arabic with simultaneous translation support, in addition to Turkish.

An internationally recognized “War Journalism Certificate” will be awarded to participants.

In addition to Turkish, classes will be taught in English, Russian and Arabic with simultaneous translation support.

* Translated from Turkish by Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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