A woman was buried under a huge tree, but a cigarette saved...

A woman was buried under a huge tree, but a cigarette saved her life…Watch video

In this accident, Sherel could also have been a victim of an accident.

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Nothing can be said when what happens to a human being. Where some people lose their lives in these accidents. At the same time, some people are so lucky in this matter that death touches them very closely. But even his hair is not frizzy. Often on social media, videos proving this saying to be true are also very popular. These days again a similar video is going viral on social media, after seeing which you will also be stunned.

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A woman’s life was saved but she believes that the cigarette saved her life. Recently something happened with Cheryl Pound, a 55-year-old woman working in a pub, which is bound to blow anyone’s senses. Sherrell took time off from work and went some distance inside the pub to smoke a cigarette. There she lit her cigarette and started enjoying the cigarette when some strange sound was heard.

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In fact, Sherell was standing under a shed and she started looking carefully on the other side that suddenly a big tree broke down and fell down. Sherell started trembling as soon as she saw this sight. He thanked his cigarette for reducing this incident. He said that it was only because of the cigarette that his life was saved. Had she stayed outside the shed, the tree would surely have fallen on her. Anything could have happened to him in this accident. But luckily she was completely safe.

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About this incident, Sherrell told that there was a very strong storm that day. He had a job of delivering drinks at the bar. During this time, he got free time, in the same way he took a cigarette break. The woman told that 4 tables of the bar were badly broken due to the falling of the tree. Now it can be guessed from this that what could have happened if the tree fell on them. In Britain, three people have died after being buried under a tree due to the storm of Arwen.