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A record 968 people died in one day due to corona virus infection in Russia, what is the reason for this increase?

Despite Russia making two or two corona virus vaccines, there is no reduction in the speed of infection and the number of deaths. A record 968 people died on Saturday due to corona virus infection in Russia. The report of ‘The National Corona Virus Task Force’ states that (the number of deaths due to Covid-19) is increasing continuously with the daily record in October. It added that this is about 100 more daily deaths than at the end of September.

29 thousand new cases in a day in Russia
The task force also said in the report that the number of daily infected has reached 29 thousand. Officials said that due to low vaccination rates across the country, the number of infected and the number of deaths due to Covid-19 has increased. The Deputy Prime Minister informed that 33 per cent people across the country have been given at least one dose of anti-Covid vaccines.

Russia is distributing vaccine to the world and more than 600 deaths daily in its own country, what is Putin doing after all?
Why are Corona cases increasing in Russia?
At the same time, Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is being supplied to 67 countries of the world, including India. Despite this, fear has started spreading in Russia due to increasing cases of corona virus. It is believed that the slow pace of corona vaccination, the negligence of the people and the government, the new strain of corona are responsible for this.

navbharat timesFirst made vaccine, nine times less population than India and daily case 22 thousand, what is happening in Russia?
Russia has claimed to make two corona vaccines
On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to have created the world’s first coronavirus vaccine Sputnik-V. After this, in October, Putin approved the second corona vaccine ‘EpiVacCorona’ after initial trials. Regarding the Sputnik-V vaccine, Putin also claimed that it has increased the speed of people’s recovery and his daughter herself has been given its dose.


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