IndiaA person suffering from TB and HIV got life after the operation,...

A person suffering from TB and HIV got life after the operation, the surgery was broadcast live

New Delhi
A 22-year-old man suffering from Spinal Tuberculosis (TB) as well as HIV, found a new life after a four-hour operation and the operation was broadcast live as part of an international program organized online. The organizers gave this information on Monday.

The Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI) organized a three-day event, in which instructional courses on spinal operations were conducted amid rising cases of spine related problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was organized from 27 to 29 August.

An ASSI spokesperson said the surgeon performed a four-hour operation on the third day of the programme, which was broadcast live. Due to this operation, the patient got a new life. The organizers of the event said that the 22-year-old was suffering from lumbosacral (lower part of the spinal cord) tuberculosis due to weakening of immunity and he was suffering from lower spinal cord infection for the last two months. Was. Due to this his ability to walk, sit and control urine was affected and he had severe body pain.

He told that when the patient went to the ‘Indian Spinal Injury Center’ (ISIC), he was sedated by anesthesia and MRI was done. He was diagnosed with lumbosacral TB. It is a deadly form of tuberculosis which is more common in children and young people. The operation was performed by a team of spinal surgeons using state-of-the-art technology like O-arm and navigation and was viewed online by 25 international and over 50 Indian experts, apart from around 200 delegates, the statement said.

It stated that the patient was infected with HIV, so the surgeon team took utmost care to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. The organizers claimed that a few hours after the operation, the patient was able to sit and stand without any support and without pain and to hold urine. ASSI organized the event in association with the Spinal Cord Society and ISIC.


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