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A Palestinian little girl is getting ready to go into business with the jewelry and accessories she produced at home during the epidemic.

Eighth grader Nasser, who made a name for himself by making jewelry for girls, girls’ ornaments, children’s suits, car accessories and key chains at his home in the Deir Sharaf neighborhood of Nablus in the West Bank, aspires to open his own store to showcase and sell his products.

Returning from school and starting work

After returning from school, Nasır puts his bag aside to prepare his customers’ orders and gets to work, and he is aware that studying is a responsibility that should not be neglected.

Nasır told AA correspondent, “I have had a great interest in beads since I was little. When I was locked up at home due to the Covid-19 virus, I used my time to make my own jewelry.” said.

Stating that he decided to realize the project that he had been interested in and dreamed of since his childhood, Nasır stated that he first started making jewelry for himself and his relatives with simple tools during the pandemic process.


I want to improve myself by attending more advanced courses

“I improved myself day by day,” Nasser said. “I then attended a training course in Nablus on jewelry making for beginners.” said.

Rezzan Nasır stated that he shared his jewelry on social media sites to promote his jewelry, created his own page, and started exhibiting his products that attracted great interest, adding, “In addition to my imagination, I make ornaments according to what customers want. I want to improve myself by taking further courses.” used his statements.


Turkey is following closely

“I closely follow what is being done in Turkey, they have beautiful beads and beautiful stones. I want to visit Turkey and buy those ornaments and stones.” Nasır said that he wanted to open his own store to market his products and that his project would grow with him.

Rezzan’s father, Annan en-Nasser, also said he is happy that his daughter has developed her talent.

“It is very nice to have a child at this age who carries out a special project and develops himself. The issue is not financial, the main issue is the development of the children’s personality.” Annan en-Nasır said that his daughter Rezzan has been interested in restoring items such as rosary beads that have been scattered or broken since her childhood.

Father Nasır stated that his daughter made her own jewelry and matched it with her clothes.

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