WorldA non-working week is introduced in Russia from October 30

A non-working week is introduced in Russia from October 30

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the proposal to declare non-working days in the country from October 30 to November 7 inclusive, TASS reports.

“It is especially important now to bring down the peak of the new wave of the epidemic,” Putin said at a meeting with government members.

The President stressed that the wages of employees during non-working days should be preserved.

In addition, Putin called on the heads of the regions, if necessary, to introduce non-working days, without waiting for October 30.

“It is clear that in each subject of the Federation the epidemiological situation develops and develops in different ways, has its own dynamics and tendencies. Proceeding from this, the heads of the regions were given the right, we agreed on this from the very beginning, when we just started to fight the epidemic, to establish additional measures, ”the president said.

“In this case, additional non-working days can be set without waiting for October 30,” the head of state added.

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