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A National Team Coach Kuntz: Our goal is to get the result that will take us to the second place

A National Football Team Coach Stefan Kuntz, said that they want to win the match against Latvia and fight for the second place in the group.

A National Football Team Coach Stefan Kuntz made a statement with the national football player Merih Demiral at the Daugava Stadium, where the match will be played on the road against Latvia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualification Group G.

Stating that he did not want to go into too much detail about the team’s game plan, Kuntz said, “Çağlar and Ozan’s suspensions are over. I will tell the team the starting 11 tomorrow morning. used his statements.

Underlining that they wanted both the game philosophy to be established and the victories to come, Kuntz said, “The ball was too much in the opponent’s match in the Norway match. Will it be different this time? You said that you found a game philosophy suitable for the national team, at what stage are we in terms of establishing this philosophy?” gave the following answer to the question:

“It was not something we wanted to lose as soon as we got the ball. In certain situations, we also did good things when we were playing from the defense and midfield and transferring the ball to the forward line. I also saw that we quickly settled what we did tactically. We met for the first time last Sunday with the national team, we were able to do three real practices. “Maybe it’s not something that is tolerated, but we have to accept that football has realities. Patience and, of course, some time is required for the philosophy that we find appropriate to be established.”

“Our goal is to win, we know we need a win.” “It is not possible to make radical changes in one day. “Let’s win, let’s see it, let’s comment later. We analyzed Latvia, we watched their match against the Netherlands, I think they performed well in that match as well.”

Merih Demiral: “I still have full faith that we will participate in the World Cup”

National football player Merih Demiral stated that this team has given good performances in the past and they have the strength to repeat it, “Now we try to look to the future, not to the past. We want to live tomorrow. There are low performances, but we all try to do our best. I hope we go back to those days that we miss. We try to do our best to fly our flag in every match we play, as befits the national team.” used his statements.

Merih said, “Your mental state is as curious as your tactics. Are you ready for this match?” To the question, “We always have motivation, we don’t see any match easy. We go through bad times, performances that we don’t want may emerge. There are reactions and we try to get them attention. We get very upset when things go wrong. There is a very nice environment, everyone plays for each other. “There is no doubt about that, but sometimes there can be bad performance and formlessness. We try to do our best for the national team. I believe we will show this in the next three games. I hope we will participate in the World Cup.” he said.

National football player, “Who is responsible for the recent poor performance of the national team?” To this question, he replied:

“We all have the responsibility, we take the responsibility on ourselves. Our teacher will explain more precisely in terms of tactics. Our teacher has just arrived, he is trying to reflect his tactical understanding to us. It is not something that will happen right away. We had bad days in the past, and everything happened all of a sudden. In the last 5 months, something bad happened. We went through a process. Especially Hamit Ağabey conveys his experiences to us, he takes care of us personally, this is a great chance for us. It is also a great chance to have a teacher. I believe that as our teacher reflects his mentality to us, we will return to those old days, and even better. We always try to look positive. I hope “We will have the best results in the next matches. Of course we will wait for the opponents to lose points, but I still have full faith that we will participate in the World Cup.”

Merih, reminded that they have not won 6 matches against Latvia, “This is a great chance for them, we want to win the match tomorrow and get three points. We are not interested in these, we may not be able to beat them for 6 matches, but tomorrow we will try our best to break that unfortunate course and hopefully get three points from here. We’re leaving for.” made its assessment.

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