WorldA month of war in Ukraine, the story of our special correspondent

A month of war in Ukraine, the story of our special correspondent

GREAT STORY – Having failed to take and then encircle kyiv, the Russians mainly advanced in the far south of the country.

The carefree days are now a distant memory in kyiv. On the eve of the offensive launched by Vladimir Putin on February 24, the Ukrainian capital continued to live in insolent denial. The trendy restaurants in the city center were crowded with customers who had come to dine with their children; in the nightclubs, slender Ukrainian women swayed their hips to techno rhythms in front of the lenses of amazed Western photographers. War was still an abstraction, so far away… And yet so close already.

Three powerful explosions tore through the dark and freezing night of kyiv. After a pause, a fourth shot sounded in the distance. It was 5:07 a.m. Vladimir Putin had just finished his televised address in which he announced the launch of his “special operation” . And already, at the gates of Europe, the phoney war that had pitted the Ukrainian army against pro-Russian soldiers supported by Moscow in the Donbass since 2014 had turned into…

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