A man was catching fish, suddenly a huge fish came out of...

A man was catching fish, suddenly a huge fish came out of the pond and pulled it inside the water – Watch Video

A hair-raising video is going viral on social media. This video is a real incident that happened in Somogi County. A video released on YouTube shows a man named Laurent Szabo who went fishing in Harsasberki Lake in June. In the video you can see him waiting with his fishing rod, but suddenly a fish starts pulling him towards it. He tries to drag her to the shore. But in the end he himself falls in the lake.

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Szabo has been fishing in the lake since childhood. However, as he sat waiting for a good prey, a large catfish caught him. Within moments, Szabo lost his balance and the rope somehow broke under the threads and he could no longer pull the brakes. In this way he was pulled into the water by the big fish.

It did not take long for this video to go viral on the internet. In the caption of the video on his channel, Szabo wrote that he struggled for an hour to find his fishing rod in that lake.

One person wrote, “I think it was a giant Wales catfish.” One bystander even said in a suggestion, “He seems to have lost his pole and the fish. Never let go of the pole.”

We’d say Szabo was lucky it was only one catfish in a county lake. Earlier, we had seen a crocodile sneak up on a group of friends who had gone fishing in a Florida lake.


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