A man standing with an umbrella to protect the dog from rain,...

A man standing with an umbrella to protect the dog from rain, Ratan Tata shared the photo, said something touching

Man standing with umbrella to protect dog from rain

Ratan Tata is very active on social media and often keeps posting interesting posts on Instagram. Be it fabulous throwbacks or pictures of animals, her posts especially involving stray dogs often become a topic of discussion among people online. For example, recently he has shared a post about a touching moment between a human and a dog. This picture has won the hearts of the people.

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While sharing the photo, he wrote- “Sharing comfort with the vagabonds in this monsoon. This Taj employee was kind enough to share his umbrella with the stray dog ​​when it was raining heavily. A heart touching moment captured in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Such gestures go a long way for stray animals. “

See photo here:


This photo has received more than one million likes since it was posted. People are giving their different reactions on the viral post.

One Instagram user wrote, “This is truly a perfect example of humanity and glad to know it still exists. We need more people like him for the betterment of our animals. Thanks sir @ratantata for this pic To share. Today’s moment.” Another wrote, “Oh what a lovely picture this is”


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