SportsA lot of rhythm and anxiety and little aim

A lot of rhythm and anxiety and little aim

David García against Embarba, at Osasuna-Espanyol.Villar López / EFE

Both Osasuna and Espanyol lacked aim to finish off a very hard, nervous and even match at El Sadar. At the end of the day, the two teams are very similar, probably because both coaches also agree in their way of understanding the game, presided over by intensity, organization and a love for vertical football, sometimes even so direct that the ball he goes from the goalkeeper to the center forward or from the band to the penalty spot, lacking in combination and association and pending the individual imbalance of his soloists, some scorer like Raúl de Tomás. After half an hour, the only occasion was a shot from Embarba that Sergio Herrera rejected, a sign of the equality that the game had, very still in the areas despite the snorting of the El Sadar fans.

Perhaps Espanyol seemed more selective and clairvoyant in their arrivals while Osasuna was more hard-working and less finisher despite having more the ball and hanging around Diego López’s area. None of them managed to reach clear shooting positions in a meeting with a high rhythm and without a clear pass line in the midfielders, Espanyol weighed down by the absence of Darder.

Osasuna was not oriented well either, conditioned by the lack of a natural left-handed back, very aware of De Tomás’ movements, capable of putting together a shot out of nowhere, threatening in a cross shot to the left of Sergio Herrera.

The presence of Puado energized Espanyol, who insistently sought the goal with Pedrosa’s depth and Embarba’s shot. The changes also awakened Osasuna, imprecise in the definition after submitting Espanyol, graceful in his return to the League. Gori’s debut made the game for the Blue and Whites more happy, who were not inferior to Osasuna, too excited despite their many forwards to achieve victory at El Sadar.

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