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A historical monument was completely moved in Georgia – a Persian bath weighing 134 tons

For the first time, the transfer of a historical monument was carried out in Georgia. The building of the Persian bath “Abulmugi” weighing 134 tons was completely raised and moved to a new place, Novosti-Georgia reports.

Bath “Abulmugi” – a building typical of the Persian style of the late Middle Ages (XVII – XVIII centuries).

The stone structure was discovered during excavations in 1977 on the territory of the historical village of Abulmugi in the Dmanisi region.

During excavations in the bath area, a coin of Queen Rusudan was found, as well as fragments of glazed ceramics, which are kept in the National Museum.

The first restoration of the monument was carried out in the 1970s, but by 2018 the bathhouse was already in very poor condition – the building was covered with vegetation, moreover, it was located in the production area of ​​the mining company RMG, which would very soon lead to its complete destruction.

The public movement “Committee of Sakdrisi” for several years has been consulting with the state structure – the National Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

After several attempts to clean up, restore and strengthen it, a radical decision was made – in order to preserve the authenticity of the monument, to move it entirely without dismantling. This method was used for the first time in Georgia.

Representatives of the “Sakdrisi Committee” report that the landscape of the place in the Dmanisi region, where the Persian bath was moved, “is fully adapted to the monument.”

Infrastructure work is currently underway in this place to make the territory attractive for visiting by locals and tourists.

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