A funny idea came to Anand Mahindra's mind after seeing wrong Hindi...

A funny idea came to Anand Mahindra’s mind after seeing wrong Hindi written, said – no one is better than Indians

Funny idea came to Anand Mahindra’s mind after seeing wrong Hindi written

Industrialist Anand Mahindra often keeps his followers entertained by posting viral photos or videos. He has done something similar once again. This time the chairman of Mahindra Group has tweeted a funny photo, but seeing this photo, you will also laugh and you will also appreciate your Hindi language. Anand Mahindra has also praised the goodness of Hindi language with this funny photo going viral. Actually, this photo is of a hoarding on the road. On which the sentence of Hindi is written incorrectly. This is fun to read, perhaps that is why Anand Mahindra has shared this with his followers.

Sharing the photo, Anand Mahindra wrote, “Funny… And there is no better person than Indians who mix and make such things unique!’

In the photo he shared, it is written, ‘Learn to speak English’. That is, instead of writing Learn to Speak English, ‘Learn to Speak English’ has been written. Anand Mahindra was surprised to see this, but the special thing is that even in this mistake, he has found the goodness of Hindi language.

Actually, Anand Mahindra has explained to the people through this post that Hindi is such a language, which adopts any other language and gives it a new look. Not only this, mixing it with the Hindi language also makes it unique and different.