IndiaA fake university in Kerala; 24 unrecognized universities in the country:...

A fake university in Kerala; 24 unrecognized universities in the country: Union Minister


  • The proceedings are under the consideration of the court
  • A fake university from Kerala
  • Union Minister explained

New Delhi: Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that 23 universities in the country are not UGC accredited. The Union Minister made the announcement in the Lok Sabha. The minister’s statement said the UGC had found that 24 universities in the country were not accredited and two universities were not complying with the standards.

In Uttar Pradesh alone, there are eight fake universities. There are seven fake universities in Delhi and two each in Odisha and West Bengal. The UGC also found that the Bharatiya Shiksha Parishad in Uttar Pradesh and the Indian Institute of Planning and Management in Delhi did not meet the standards. The minister said the court was considering the proceedings against the two universities.

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The UGC has found that there is a fake university in Kerala called St. John’s University. There are universities in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Puducherry. The list of these universities was published by UGC four years ago.

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The Minister also responded to the action taken against the universities for violating the UGC Act, 1956. He explained that the UGC would publish the names of such fake institutions and would cover the incident in all the national media and give notice to the state chief secretaries and education secretaries.

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