SportsA cure of humility for Barça

A cure of humility for Barça

Barça arrived late to the final in Turin, probably due to overconfidence, and could no longer catch up with Olympique de Lyon, faster, more bloody, more competitive and more of a team, because after all it takes much longer than the azulgrana as the flag of women’s football in Europe. The French found in their duel with the Barcelona fans a unique challenge to vindicate tradition and the weight of history, eight times champions, five consecutively, against an opponent who had somehow taken over the media megaphone after their success recent in Gothenburg in 2021. The pageantry confused Barcelona and stimulated OL.

It is not enough to be the club of the moment, and also the one that brings together attention for its game and extraordinary effort in favor of equality, to overthrow the institution that defends a more anonymous and selfless and equally admirable task such as winning simply, the thesis that sustains the entity of Lyon. A substantial difference to understand at the same time the merit of Barça, which is fighting repeatedly to occupy the throne of OL. He could not in 2019 or 2022. The difference, however, is reduced to the point that the Catalans consolidate themselves as the best alternative after the double lesson received from the squad led by Hegerberg.

The finals are still decided on the pitch and not in the stands or in the press, analog or digital, even in the Women’s Champions League, won in the blink of an eye by OL when the ambient noise announced a triumph for Barcelona. The azulgrana team appeared to collect the cup more than to dispute the title, they seemed prepared to celebrate the victory and not to play the final, after inertia was on their side due to the 30 games won in the League. The three goals from OL were three direct to the jaw of Barça. The bombastic speech that was articulated around the Barcelona only made sense with Alexia’s 1-3.

The Barcelona players did not know how to manage the euphoria, the game or the resources well, forced to play against the tide against a rival who applied a game plan for each situation, favored by a great goal from Henry that had more to do with an individual action than collective, impossible to defend for Paños. Jonatan Giráldez’s team, inferior in the field, also had no luck in the decisive moments on a day that forced them to retrace the steps of Budapest and 4-1.

Individually and collectively, the French champion beat Barça. The defeat should not be any drama or failure for the azulgranas, above all because of their integrity in the face of defeat after so many days of victorious excitement, but rather it is presented as a decisive result to recover humility and reiterate their speech in favor of a world new, with a new audience and new idols, compatible with that of a champion who was not willing to blow away a treasure won for years and with a competitive tension that does not admit revenge

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