India'A cab driver masturbated during the journey'; Journalist with complaint

‘A cab driver masturbated during the journey’; Journalist with complaint


  • Journalist with a complaint that the driver masturbated.
  • Complaint against a taxi driver.
  • Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Bangalore: A young woman journalist has complained that her driver masturbated while traveling in a taxi at night. The incident took place in Bangalore yesterday, India Today reported. Police said they are still trying to locate the driver and have launched an investigation.

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The woman said on social media that she had a shocking experience with a cab driver while returning home after work. “The driver was masturbating in the car when I thought I was not seen. I hid it with a mound I thought I did not see. He was frightened and stopped the car by talking loudly,” she said.

The driver parked the car in a deserted area with little light. When I got off, he drove away. In the meantime, he tried to call the emergency number but was unsuccessful. Called another cab and got home from here.

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Ola said the driver was fired after the incident became controversial following the release of the woman’s note. An email was sent clarifying the matter.

Bangalore City Police have apologized for the incident. After receiving a complaint against the driver, a special team was deployed to find him. Police said they would talk to Ola Cab officials and take necessary action.

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