A 2-year-old child became the owner of land on the moon, got...

A 2-year-old child became the owner of land on the moon, got a special gift from his father

There is a company in America that is working to sell land on the moon.

New Delhi:

https://ndtv.in/zara-hatke/fleet-of-ice-cream-vans-joins-fellow-seller-funeral-2659206 Every father wishes to give some special gift to his child on his birthday Give. In Satna, Madhya Pradesh, a man has gifted his two-year-old son by buying a piece of land on his birthday. Abhilash Mishra, who lives in Bharhutnagar, works as a regional manager in a company in Bangalore. One day he came to know that people are buying land on the moon, then he also decided to buy land in the moon. When he searched on the internet, it came to know that there is a company in America which is working to sell land on the moon.

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According to a report, America’s Famous Luna Society International is a firm that works to sell land on the moon. After this the father of the child contacted the firm selling land on the moon via email. The firm told them that there are 12 sites on the moon where they can buy land of their choice. The firm’s website showed 12 locations of the moon, which were priced differently. Abhilash decided to buy one acre of land in the name of his son in the Lunar Alps.

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For this he paid the price of the land. After which the firm has also sent registry, certificate and some documents related to it. Abhilash gifted ‘Chand Ka Tukde’ to his son on his birthday. Abhilash said that he wanted to surprise at his house. That’s why he did not tell anyone in his family about this. When his wife came to know about this, her happiness was worth seeing. At the same time, Abhilash says that it is very proud for us to give land to our son on the moon. Along with this land document, the son has also got citizenship on the moon.