India88 lakh doses of vaccine a month; Health Minister says vaccination...

88 lakh doses of vaccine a month; Health Minister says vaccination drive is successful

Kochi: Health Minister Veena George said that the vaccination drive in the state is a great success. This month alone, 88,23,524 doses of the vaccine were given from August 1 to 31. Of these, 70,89,202 were given the first dose and 17,34,322 the second dose of the vaccine, the minister said.

Two days for 5 lakh people (August 13, 14), 6 days for 4 lakh people (12, 23, 25, 27, 30, 31), 5 days for 3 lakh people (2, 15, 16, 17, 24), 9 days two One lakh people (1, 4, 5, 20, 28) have been vaccinated in 5 days (3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 18, 19, 26, 29) and in 5 days. Although there were more holidays this month, the goal was achieved by a team of health workers, other officials, MPs and volunteers. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard to achieve the goal.

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The Center had sanctioned more vaccines at the request of the state. The Center has sanctioned 70,35,940 doses of vaccine, including 58,99,580 dosage shields and 11,36,360 doscovax. In addition, 2.5 lakh DOS Covshield vaccines were made available through KMSCL, purchased with CSR funding. With this, 72,85,940 doses of vaccine were made available to the state this month alone. In addition, the state has purchased 10 lakh dosage shield vaccines through KMSCL.

The vaccination drive in the state started on the 9th of this month as per the instructions of the Chief Minister. The vaccine campaign was organized to increase vaccination and vaccinate as many people as possible. The vaccination drive was carried out in stages. Special emphasis was placed on yajna to get the first dose of vaccine for all over 60s and inpatients. The vaccine is being given to teachers, people with allied diseases and college students. Teacher vaccination will be completed by September 5, Teacher’s Day. Efforts are underway to give the first dose of the vaccine to everyone over the age of 18 by the end of September.

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Today, 4,41,111 people were vaccinated as part of the vaccination drive. With this, a total of 2,90,51,913 people were vaccinated, including one and two doses. Of these, 2,12,55,618 were given the first dose and 77,96,295 were given the second dose. According to the projected population of 2021, 60.04 per cent were given the first dose and 22.02 per cent the second dose. According to the population above 18 years, 74.06 per cent were given the first dose and 27.16 per cent the second dose.

Health workers and Covid Front fighters were given 100 percent first dose and 86 percent second dose. 91 per cent of those over 45 years of age were given the first dose and 46 per cent the second dose. The first dose was given to 51 per cent of people between the ages of 18 and 44, the minister said in a Facebook post.

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