India8 killed, 300 injured; Police say they will investigate the tragic...

8 killed, 300 injured; Police say they will investigate the tragic concert

LOS ANGELES: Eight people have died in a stampede during a concert in the United States. More than 300 people were injured. Foreign media reported that many of them were being treated at the hospital. Authorities have not yet commented on whether the death toll could rise. The accident happened just after 9pm on Friday, US time. The accident happened during Travis Scootz’s event at the Astrow World Festival in Houston, Texas. About 5,000 people came to attend the concert. The crowd erupted as people tried to reach the front of the stage. Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena said the crash was exacerbated by injuries to some people. People were injured in the stampede. Eleven people were hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, but eight of them died. But Samuel said the cause of death could not be confirmed until medical tests were completed. Most people seek treatment for fractures and bruises. The hospital authorities have not released any information about their health condition. It is reported that they have been rushed to various hospitals. It was not immediately clear whether the dead included women and children. Police said they would investigate the massacre that took place during the concert. Authorities said they would check the video footage and take action. The organizers had announced the cancellation.