63-year-old 'Desi Dadi' surprised everyone with her dance, the video created a...

63-year-old ‘Desi Dadi’ surprised everyone with her dance, the video created a ruckus on the internet

63 year old desi grandmother did a stormy dance on ‘Halmithi Habibo’, VIDEO blew her neck

Desi Dadi Viral Video: Nowadays, the passion and passion of dance is not only seen in the youth, but also in the elders (Desi Dadi Dance Steps). In today’s time, the elderly, trembling with full energy, are leaving the youth behind in the matter of dance. This can be gauged by looking at this video that is going viral on social media, in which 63-year-old Ravi Bala Sharma is seen with full energy on Halmithi Habibo Song. Is seen shaking.

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Do you think you are too old to follow your passion? If so, then you should take inspiration from 63 years old Ravi Bala Sharma aka Dancing Dadi (Grandma Dance Video), who is still making her dreams come true. People are very fond of ‘Dancing Dadi’ on social media these days. Dancer Dadi’s energetic dance on new and old songs has won everyone’s heart. These days he is seen dancing on Vijay Thalapathy’s Halmathy Habibo Song on social media.

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In the video, 63-year-old Ravi Bala Sharma, famous by the name of Desi Dadi, remains an internet sensation these days. Her dance videos are getting tremendous love on social media. Recently, he has shared a video from his Instagram account, in which he is seen dancing to Vijay Thalapathy’s trending song Halmathy Habibo. Seeing the video, users are also showering a lot of love on them. Her tremendous dance steps have touched everyone’s heart on social media.

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This viral video has created a ruckus on social media, seeing that everyone is seen praising the dance of Desi Dadi. The series of views on the video continues. So far more than 10 thousand likes have come on this video.

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