63 chickens died due to loud sound of DJ playing in procession,...

63 chickens died due to loud sound of DJ playing in procession, owner asked for compensation

Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Even among us, we know very well that the sound of loud music is harmful for everyone. That’s why people are often advised to listen to music in low voice. But recently such a news is making headlines, after hearing which everyone will be surprised. In fact, a person running a chicken farm in Odisha’s Balasore district has alleged that about 60 chickens have died due to the loud DJ’s voice.

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Now this news has also become a topic of discussion on social media. The owner of the chicken farm has alleged that at least 63 chickens died due to the loud sound of a DJ playing a procession in his village. Along with this, the owner alleged that when he went there and appealed to the people to reduce his voice, people abused him and drove him away. After this, when he saw in the field, 63 chickens had died in the farm there.

Ranjit Parida of Kandagaradi village of Nilagiri police station area filed an FIR in this case alleging that during the procession that came on Sunday night, the people of the groom’s side played music in excessively loud voice. Due to which 63 chickens died in his farm. The farm owner said, “Late Sunday night, people from the groom’s side from the village near Maitapur reached my village with DJ-music. The groom’s party also burst firecrackers in a loud voice. Such a loud sound is too much for the chickens. Due to which he died.

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When I requested the people in the procession to reduce their voice about this, most of the people present there started abusing me. Panicked chickens in my field An hour later I found 63 dead.” The next morning when he told the bride’s family about the death of the chickens, they refused to pay the compensation. Parida said, “Due to the loud noise About 150 kg of my chicken was lost because the chickens had died of shock.” Nilagiri police station in-charge Draupadi Das said that she has called Parida and her neighbor to discuss the issue.

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