World61-year land dispute resolved through mediation

61-year land dispute resolved through mediation

It is based on the agreements and mutual consent of the parties, which enables the resolution of legal disputes more rapidly and faster than the courts. sample practices resolved in mediationOne of them took place in Samsun.

After the death of Fatma Saral, who was born on Wednesday in 1900, 5 real estate deeds registered on her were registered in 1960. Saral’s heirs have not been able to get any results on the inheritance until today due to the misspelling of surnames in the population records and the differences in the registers. heirs, Resolution of the conflict that has been going on for 61 years He decided to go to court.

Some of the heirs, who met with their lawyers, decided to apply to a mediator upon the knowledge that the court process would take a long time.

“Thanks to the mediation institution, the heirs sat at the same table and came to an agreement”

As a result of the research conducted by the mediator lawyer, 26 people who were determined to be parties to the inheritance were identified. The mediator lawyer brought together three generations of relatives, including Saral’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren, via video conference. The mediator, who met with twenty-six heirs, convinced the parties to compromise within 8 months, and the 61-year-old land dispute was resolved without going to court, thanks to mediation.

Lawyer Kübra Gündoğdu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the event subject to mediation happened because the inheritance division on the immovables could not be resolved for 61 years.

Explaining that the parties applied to get information to resolve the dispute, Gündoğdu said, “We recommended that they apply to the mediation institution before filing a lawsuit against them. Thereupon, the parties applied to us for mediation. Inheritance sharing, which could not be resolved for 61 years, was resolved in a short time like 8 months. It was resolved in a shorter time than the way to go and prevented the loss of time. The heirs, who could not come to an agreement for many years, came to an agreement by sitting at the same table thanks to the mediation institution.” said.

Pointing out that the process in mediation proceeds in line with the wishes of the parties, Gündoğdu said, “In mediation, the right or wrong party is not sought as in the trial, and the common interest is taken into account. In addition, the parties have gained profit in a short time.” used the phrase.

“We shared our heritage without being offended by anyone”

Inheritor Gülizar Arslan (55), on the other hand, stated that the inheritance dispute was passed down from the grandfather to the father and from the father to them, and that the conflict that had been going on for 61 years came to an end thanks to the mediator.

Fatma Karaca (50) emphasized that they could not agree on inheritance sharing for a very long time, and said, “Thanks to mediation, we shared the inheritance without filing a lawsuit. We are very happy. We shared our inheritance without being offended by anyone.” he said.

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