World6. Women in Innovation Project opens its doors to new entrepreneurs

6. Women in Innovation Project opens its doors to new entrepreneurs

Women and Democracy Association (STAGE) Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Sumeyye Erdogan BayraktarStating that the gap between women and men in access to economic power can only be closed with the realization of high value-added technological initiatives by women, he noted that they see the “Women in Innovation Project” as a big step in establishing gender justice in this direction.

Organized in cooperation with KADEM, TÜBİTAK Marmara Technopolis, Informatics Valley and KOSGEB. 6. Women in Innovation ProjectSpeaking at the opening of the training camp of . Sümeyye Erdoğan Bayraktar, one of the branded projects of KADEM, “Women in InnovationHe explained that ” is a project that they look forward to every year and follow all the processes.

Bayraktar stated that when they implemented the project in 2015, they primarily aimed to reach entrepreneur women who want to improve themselves, contribute to the country’s economy, and to provide innovation skills to women who want to establish their own business or develop their own business with a technology focus. He stated that when they looked at the projects, they saw that they filled an important gap.

Stating that there are many women who could not turn their project into an enterprise because they did not know where to start or could not find the opportunity, Bayraktar emphasized that supporting these women and receiving the necessary training is very important for the success of their innovation journey.

Stating that the Women in Innovation Project also has strategic value for Turkey’s 2023 vision, Bayraktar said that today’s women, whose knowledge, skills and talents are not sufficiently utilized, take an active role in business life, increase the competencies of women entrepreneurs, transform their potential into high enterprises and commercialize their ideas. He said it was a strategic imperative.

Stating that the entrepreneurship ecosystem needs much more women entrepreneurs today, and therefore women entrepreneurship should be supported in terms of creating new employment areas and diversifying business areas, Bayraktar continued his words as follows:

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Establishing companies that create sustainable commercial value and finding a place in the labor market by women entrepreneurs who receive support from the “Women in Innovation Project” will also accelerate the economy. The gap between women and men in access to economic power can only be closed when women carry out technological initiatives with high added value. With the closure of women, it may be possible to eliminate the grievances of women in every field. Therefore, we see this project as a big step towards establishing gender justice.”

Stating that 1,586 entrepreneur women have applied to the project so far, 144 project owners have attended the camps and received training, and 25 women entrepreneurs have been awarded an award, Bayraktar said that among them are women entrepreneurs who founded their own company, created their brand, made a name in the sector and even received international awards.

Stating that they guide the first 5 people among the participants with special trainings and consultancy services from the writing stage to the production of their projects every year, Bayraktar said, “With the strength that women entrepreneurs get from the project, they have accomplished successful works in fields such as industry, industry, informatics and technology, which they have stayed away from until now. We saw that they turned their projects into enterprises in many different fields such as medicine, nutrition, cosmetics, textile, health, software, cleaning, logistics, food and service sectors.” used his statements.

“Encouraging women adds a distinct wealth to development”

Mehmet Ali Okur, Chairman and General Manager of TÜBİTAK Marmara Teknokent, said that the contribution of women to business life and therefore to the country’s economy is an important fact that should be taken into account, and that it is an important responsibility to increase women’s employment and ensure their presence in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Okur stated that encouraging women in entrepreneurship, just as democracy in which women play a role, enriches economic and social development.

“One of the topics we have identified as a strategy is to support women’s entrepreneurship”

Informatics Valley General Manager Ahmet Serdar İbrahimcioğlu stated that the workforce becomes positive where there is balance, and that this is a scientific report determined by world-class research.

İbrahimcioğlu stated that the two topics they talk about the most are innovation and creativity. said.

Noting that 60 percent of the management staff of Bilişim Vadisi is women and 40 percent are men, İbrahimcioğlu stated that 45 percent of the employees are women and 55 percent are men.

Expressing that the rate of women working in technology is 25 percent in the world literature, and 21 percent in Turkey, İbrahimcioğlu noted that they want to increase these numbers because where there is balance, there is innovation.

Explaining that the winners of this camp will be given both legal, financial and patent support free of charge at the Informatics Valley Entrepreneurship Center, and they will contribute financially at the point of commercialization, İbrahimcioğlu emphasized that one of the topics they have determined as a strategy is to support women’s entrepreneurship.

“We have supported our women entrepreneurs with 1.7 billion liras in the last 10 years”

KOSGEB İMES Manager Ertuğrul Çetinkaya also stated that they attended the camp for the first time and said, “We must be here because KOSGEB occupies a very important place in Turkey in terms of entrepreneurship, R&D, innovation and support. In the last 10 years, we have especially given our women entrepreneurs 1, We supported 7 billion liras. Entrepreneurship trainings reached millions of people in Turkey. Half of them were female entrepreneur candidates. About 60 thousand of these women started businesses.” he said.

Expressing that they listen to women entrepreneurs every week, Çetinkaya said, “We listen to around 15 projects every week within the scope of the Advanced Entrepreneurship Support Program and we decide on support. Come to our directorates, see our support and apply to our program.” said.

30 entrepreneur women attend the camp

Within the scope of the project, which was organized with the aim of increasing the entrepreneurial courage of women and supporting them in transforming their projects into enterprises with high employment potential and the slogan of “Develop your project, you change the history”, 30 entrepreneur women who were eliminated at the end of the evaluations of the arbitration committee, “Entrepreneurship and start-up” in the company of expert mentors and trainers for 5 days. Up ecosystem”, “Start up analysis”, “Technological maturity”, “Leadership in entrepreneurship”, “Business ideas spot analysis”, “Labor law and mentoring” will be provided.

Entrepreneurial women participating in the camp will present their projects to the referee committee on the 6th day. A monetary award of 50 thousand TL will be given to 5 project owners who are deemed worthy of the crystal award if they receive support from the national and international support program within a year.

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