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5-year-old Eymen, who was murdered ‘critically’ in Izmir, was commemorated with emotional expressions in the reasoned decision of the court

In the case regarding the finding of 5-year-old Eymen Sadık Durak in a hole in the forest on September 1, 2019 in Bornova, İzmir 9th High Criminal Court was charged with “qualified willful killing” and “torture” of mother Mine Durak and her boyfriend Serkan Elçetin. punished.

In the 34-page reasoned decision of the court, besides the information and opinions about the crime, striking emotional expressions were also included.

It is stated that Mine Durak and Serkan Elçetin constantly tortured and beaten the 5-year-old child, that the defendants were taken into custody upon the complaint of Mine Durak’s aunt to the police, that the child was killed by his mother and boyfriend as a result of the statements of the defendants and the trial, that he was buried in a ditch after being driven in the vehicle for 2 days. stated in the decision.

In the decision, it was noted that the mother Durak’s defense was not convincing, she did not exhibit the behaviors expected from the mother after the death of a child, she did not inform the security guards, on the contrary, she wrapped the body in a suitcase and sprayed air freshener to prevent it from smelling.

“It is clear that they committed the crime of torture”

In the decision, which emphasized that Durak consented to keep little Eymen in the suitcase at the back of the car for 1-2 days before taking him to the forest area, the following was noted:

“The fact that the mother took the body to the field, threw it into the pit and piled stones on it, has formed the opinion that she acted in unison with the other accused regarding Eymen’s murder. It was concluded in our court that the baby suffocated while covering his mouth with his hand, and although the cause of death could not be determined due to the decomposition of the corpse, it was understood in the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute that the act was at a level that should be considered murder. When the accusation is taken into account, it is clear that both defendants committed the crime of torture because the victim’s eyes were blackened and swelled, they put out cigarettes on his body, and his whole body was exposed to bruises.”

“The smiling eyes of the baby Eymen will never be forgotten”

In the last part of the decision, which also included a photograph of Eymen on a bicycle, the following was stated:

“We share the only photograph of Eymen baby smiling in our decision. Maktül Eymen Sadık Durak was born on October 17, 2014. Unfortunately, both defendants were murdered on August 30, 2019. Eymen baby’s tiny body would fit in a small suitcase, so his hands and feet were packed. The body of Eymen baby, who could not get the happiness he deserved in this world, was carried behind the service vehicle for 2 days, and even reaching the ground was delayed. After 2 days, the stones and bricks placed on it were thrown into a water well in the forest area and the traces of Eymen baby in this world. It was tried to be destroyed. Our wish will be that the short and painful life of Eymen baby that fits into this world will be rewarded in the other world and that she will experience the happiness she deserves in the other world. The smiling eyes of Eymen baby will never be forgotten. May your soul rest in peace, Eymen baby.”


Mine Durak’s aunt Z.Ç had applied to the police in Eskişehir, where she lived, on the grounds that her nephew and lover Serkan Elçetin had abused Eymen Durak, sexually and violently abused Eymen Durak. .

Upon requesting assistance from the Izmir Police Department, the teams detained Durak and Elçetin.

In their statements, Durak and Elçetin confessed that they had buried Eymen Durak in a pit covered with stones and bricks in a forest area after they had killed him, and he was arrested.

The court board sentenced Mine Durak to aggravated life imprisonment for “qualified willful killing”, 7 years in prison for “torture”, Serkan Elçetin to aggravated life imprisonment for “qualified willful killing” and 6 years in prison for “torture”. had given.

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